2019 RIDE



More and more stories were shared among us about missing women & children or women found murdered.


We knew we had to do something as women, motorcyclists, Native Americans, Allies.

We organized a 12,000-mile motorcycle ride in the shape of a medicine wheel on the continent of North America as

Awareness, Memorial & Prayer for MMIW.

Weaving in and out of the borders of
Canada, Mexico & the USA,
the message of our ride reached thousands

  • After one of our stops, the police called a family to tell her they were going to re-open her family’s 30-year-old cold case file.​

  • A woman reached out to us because she was being trafficked and needed help.​

  • Women connected in long term bonds.

  • Money was raised to fund search groups, the healing center & awareness campaigns.

WWA Burning Sage.jpg